22 April  // Miralles Saal - Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg


Music is timeless and beyond race, class, religion and physical borders. Let’s bond each other connections by experiencing the great composition of sound through Angklung - Indonesian hand-crafted music instrument made of Bamboo tubes. 


Angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument, one of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity inscribed by UNESCO. Angklung is closely related to traditional customs, arts and cultural identity in Indonesia, played during ceremonies such as rice planting, harvest and circumcision. Angklung consists of two to four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame, bound with rattan cords. 


Angklung Hamburg Orchestra, a well-known Angklung Orchestra in Indonesia. Our goal was to represent its insights meaning collaborative nature, which is the cooperation and mutual respect among the players, along with discipline, responsibility, concentration, development of imagination and memory, as well as artistic and musical feelings.


Inside the Miralles Saal is characterized by modern elegance, bright colors and curved shapes. Comfortable design seats in red and anthracite round off the picture.


The concert this year will be a charity concert. In accordance to the chosen theme, our social concern will be focussed globally. Regarding the war in the Middle East and the following flow of war refugees to Europe we decided to relay the benefits of our concert to finance medical supplies in Syria and the support of education c entres for Syrian refugees in Libanon. Therefore we teamed up with Islamic Relief, who also cooperate with the German Humanitarian Assistance and the German-Syrian Association.
Miralles Saal
Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg
Tickets can be bought on the spot.